How to beat a gambling addiction?

There are a lot of steps that you are required to take when you are addicted to gambling. The first thing is to understand what you are into. Over the years gambling has changed a lot and thanks to the online casinos sportsbook in malaysia, you can now gamble from your home. It has helped the casino industry toto sports 4d to cater to new demographics. But where it has made it convenient, it has also brought up some issues. Since gambl8ng is much easier now, the causes of addiction are often. However, if you want to come out of your addiction, you will have to change the way you arrange yourself.


The first thing to do is to understand the gravity of the situation and know what addiction is. Addiction is not exclusive to gambling only but you can be addicted to other things too and if you can’t stop consuming food, that’s also an addiction. Dependence in gambling works the same way but the symptoms are different. The first thing to assess your situation is to identify the problem and once you know that you are addicted, you can go ahead. Compared to other forms of addiction, there are no physical symptoms so there is no one who can tell whether you are addicted or not. So make sure that you are well aware of the condition and ready for the steps that you have to take.



Money is the central thing of all activities and also in gambling, if you control the money, you will control your habit. Make your budget which will include all of your expenses. This will be your first step in controlling your addiction as it will give you a picture of how much money and time you are spending on gambling and how you can shorten it. However, you will have to trim the time slowly as it can’t happen all of a sudden.


Since you are trying to control your habit of gambling and beat the addiction, you will have spare money lying around. The first step to do this is to keep it as far away from you as possible. if you have someone that you can trust, handover your extra money to them. In that case, you will not be able to gamble more and also save some money.

Track time:

When you are gambling, make a note of the time and never exceed the duration no matter what happens. This will be tough in the beginning but at the end of the day, you will get through it. Pick up a habit to keep busy and dedicate proper time to other activities of your life.


Any addiction can be beaten if you are dedicated and ready for it. Gambling is no alien to addiction but it will require a different approach as the main stakeholder in beating the addiction is you and only you can make it happen. If kept in limits, gambling is a good pass time.

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