Mitakuye Oyasin - We are all related.

We always have been. We always will be.

These profound words of the Lakota people are the foundation for all of the work of the GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTER.



About Us




The GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTER is a nonprofit arts education center for students, teachers and the community in the area of multicultural, anti-bias education. Using the arts as a pathway to understanding the various cultural, ethnic and religious groups residing in our community, the Center's staff and teaching and performing artists present ongoing classes, workshops, lecture-demonstrations and performances to promote cross-cultural understanding and respect. The overall goal is to highlight the commonalties of all people while creating experiences in the arts that aid in dispelling myths, dismantling stereotypes and unlearning biases.





GLOBAL EDUCATION CENTER was founded in 1997 by director Ellen Gilbert, an anti-bias, multicultural education specialist. In her work as an administrator, a teacher and a parent volunteer, Ellen saw a need for developing intercultural understanding and respect and for exploring ways in which to create classrooms that are safe havens for all of our children. With encouragement from educators throughout the area, she partnered with a diverse pool of artists to create lively programming that beckons all of the senses to experience the richness and beauty of different cultures, offering creative solutions to confront cultural and religious intolerance, stereotypes, misinformation, lack of information and the many negative "isms" of American society which make harmonious living difficult for many people.





To use the arts of diverse cultures


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